The title Rajah’s has been derived from the ancient history of India where the country was divided into hundreds of states and mini-states ruled by Rajahs and Maharajahs. The Rajahs wore very sophisticated and ceremonious royal dresses in impressive designs and colors decorated with embroidery and multi coloured pearls and jewels. The traditional nomenclature Rajah has descended through centuries and millions still enjoy it as family surname. Sitara’s brand Rajah’s inherits its name from ruling class and promises its prime users to dress them like rulers. Therefore, the compliment “Dressed to Rule” goes well with it.

Rajah’s is the well-known product of Sitara Chemicals which is a subsidiary of Sitara Group of Industries. Sitara Chemicals is a leading industrial group in Pakistan. It has paved its way to the peak of progress and excellence through state of the art advanced industrial technology and a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals. It has imprinted its mark on the wall of history by its commitment to high standards of quality and human values. Many industrial organs of this group have won national and international awards in the past decades. We owe our golden achievements to our technical and artistic experts and also our valuable customers who are our real asset and source of pride. The Founder-chairman of Sitara group, Haji Bashir Ahmed was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the President of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 2006 in recognition of general services in the field of industry.

Sitara Chemicals is just one organ of the group and is the biggest unit of manufacturing chloralkali products in the country. The textile division of Sitara Chemicals is another industrial unit engaged in textile processing and printing. It has gained high pedestal in the garment industry of Pakistan over the past many years and the credit goes to the genius and unique leadership of Mr. Muhammad Adrees, CEO of Sitara Chemical (Textile Division).

Rajah’s, the brand name of men’s garments has become a synonym for excellence, splendor and pride. Its fabric is woven from the world’s finest yarn, intricately designed and coloured to suit attitudes of high-profile men and seasonal conditions. Rajah’s is the finest quality traditional Qameez-Shalwar suit materials in sophisticated design patterns, and bewitching colors, expressing the latest fashion trends, meeting the refined dressing taste of high business and professional Class.

Rajah’s comprises hundreds of varieties in fabric, design, embroidery, Color and Cut. It combines the tradition and modernity to give you a graceful, royal look. The diverse range of rajah’s applauds the style-conscious man of today. It is processed and developed by our creative designers and artists under supervision of experts. It is specially designed to elevate your aesthetic taste and dressing experience. With Rajah’s you are transformed into a personality that commands and rules.